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Fandom: Doctor Who

Pairing: River/Doctor

Rated: E

Words: 5,837

Summary: River young was, well, a handful didn’t even begin to describe it. She kept both his hands full and the rest of him besides.


HAUNTED - a River/Eleven mix

it’s not a ghost story, it’s a love story



                                            If you must leave,
                          Leave as though fire burns under your feet
                                           If you must speak,
                         Speak every word as though it were unique
                                     If you must die, sweetheart
                         Die knowing your life was my life’s best part
                                          And if you must die,
                                          Remember your life

inspired by x

otp meme | river/doctor + every color of the rainbow


Fic: Betwixt mine eye and heart - Chapter 10 →


Fandom: Doctor Who

Pairing: River/Eleven

Words: 3,396

Rated: E

Chapter Summary:

They end up painting her new house. The Doctor sheds his tweed, rolls up his sleeves and dives in gamely enough. He’s never exactly tried painting a house before, but how hard can it be, really?

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Well she did kill me. And then she used her remaining lives to bring me back. As first dates go, I’d say that was mixed signals.


30 Days of Doctor Who
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I moved on.