When would be good for another Doctor/River ficathon?


Since we’re coming up on their three year (linear) anniversary, I thought we should think about doing another ficathon? Yes?  Suggestions for timelines and themes are needed! 

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River/Doctor: The Doctor can always tell when River is in her timeline based on how she touches him


River at her youngest grabs him with claws, kisses him with teeth, and when they fall into bed after a long day of running she’s like a hurricane — directionless and destructive, after nights with his early-days wife, he’s covered in blotches of red and tiny-smug teeth marks, fingernail scratches along his back and bruises around his hips. She makes him into wreckage, when she’s not quite River Song yet, and he shouldn’t like it, but he kind of does, a bit.

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When the Doctor appeared to see River by speaking her name, River said, “And here he is, my dashing boy. I do like the new coat.”

"That’s not possible," said the Doctor.

Oh, and there’s gray hair number eight - is it wrong if I do a little dance?” continued River as the Doctor walked right through her hologram-like form to the gravestone.

Shivering, she added, “Ooh! He’s still got it though.”

- fr. “The Name of the Doctor” draft script , DWM guide to the 2013 series

'The woman who married me' - Doctor & River appreciation day


what: Doctor & River Appreciation Day #2

when22nd of April 2014

why this day? because it’s yet another anniversary of the wedding that happened in 'the wedding of river song'! (3rd anniversary, in case you’re wondering. time flies.) I know it’s a bit short notice, but I simply forgot about it, I’m sorry.

what do we do: the usual: gifs, graphics, metas, fanmixes, fanart, fics, a list recommending your favourite fics, videos… whatever tickles your pickle, whatever you have time to make, whatever you want to make.

how do we tag it? let’s tag it with #river doctor appreciation day. I know that it’s long, but there’s nothing I can do about it. remember to use it as one of the first 5 tags, otherwise it won’t show up in tracked tags.

anything else? spread the word. participate if you want to. have fun. see you - hopefully - on April 22nd!



otp meme: bickering (suggested by theenigmaofriversong)

Your ode to River Song prompted me to ask for a story that involves River telling the Doctor about what she remembers of her childhood and how she moved past it. Or really any story about River sharing her past with someone in someway.


This is old (I asked for prompts a few weeks ago and didn’t get ‘round to them all) but I’m crabby and unfocused so if anybody wants to send me prompts tonight you’re highly encouraged to do so~

River’s got a scar behind her left ear from an unfortunate incident with an entirely unnecessary curling iron. It’s at stark odds with the pale ridge of skin that snakes its way just below it, stopping at the side of her jaw and usually hidden by hair left by a rapier wielded against her during training when she was twelve, give or take.

He pieces together her story over the years, bits of horror and mundanity and trauma and romance written onto her skin like a story he gets to read those rare times she sheds her armor and lets him in.

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My Favourite OTP Daily Video.

Doctor Who || River Song & Doctor - Manicure

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"You can love more than one person." Of course you can. But marriage is something different. Marriage is memory, marriage is time. [x]

"Entering the lower level of the TARDIS tomb, when Clara asked the Doctor if he loved River Song, he replied, “She was clever and brave and kind and funny. And had more love in one heart than I could ever have in two.”"
- Draft script of The Name of the Doctor, DWM guide to the 2013 series